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February 11, 2008

This “pent-up energy” is the result of a society that condones speaking about touchy subjects amongst one another. Segregation, stereotypes, and hatred for one another will never be fully understood or approached in a constructive, progressive manner without citizens communicating and being willing to offend the shit out of someone, and then not taking offense to it. Humor is a great start to get these things out on the table and forcing Americans to talk about the sensitive subjects, the “issues.” I think the video outlines this:

If Americans do not debate with each other (that means arguing) and really talk about the touchy subjects, then we’ll continue to have blacks in the ghetto, mexicans working in back of restaurants, and whites talking about the weather (Yes silly, these are stereotypes). If we don’t talk about this at work, dinner, or when we’re all relaxing, then beating the wife is the only resort to all this frustration. It is about time we put our differences on the table, shuffle them up, and then get down to business of fixing all that is fucked up in the world.

Until we all grow a pair, let’s keep rolling:


And enjoy your chocolate milkshake.