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The Results Are In!!

November 6, 2008

Yes Obama won…obviously. I think the New Black Panther movement may have helped some PA voters at the polls make up their mind that night.

But nonetheless, the real shocker of the election was not that a black man finally overcame “the man” to capture the presidency, but rather 509 of you geniuses voted for the Phillies to be president. Dollar Dog Night = national holiday for sure!!

Phillies President

Is the "Boss" referring to Springsteen? might!

Story courtesy of CNN Election Center 2008.

McCain is clearly not photogenic.

November 4, 2008

…or even aware of the camera for that matter.

McCain Funny Face

Einstein tried this once and he looked smart.

McCain Funny Face

Now Roll Over! Good Boy! Give Me Your Tongue! Good Boy!

McCain Funny Face

Was he tortured?

McCain Funny Face

"Those are some nice tittays!" (McCain - A Real Maverick.)

Take a hint from VISA dude…”The camera is everywhere you DON’T want it to be.”