What is Fast Eddie?

Fast Eddie is a place for you to be easily amused. Enjoy your stay. We’ll send you the bill.

5 Responses to “What is Fast Eddie?”

  1. Laurie Kendrick Says:

    I really enjoy your site.

    Very funny. Honest to God, I think we might be related.

    And yes, I’ll be back… soon to sully your blog further.

    Happy New Year.

    Laurie Kendrick

  2. Fast Eddie Says:

    Your kind words just saved me from suicide this morning. Perhaps, life is worth living after all, if I have at least one fan who enjoys this.

  3. Virgilius Sade Says:

    The best thing since hiding a rainbow-coloured barf bag in a piñata made in a Chinese sweatshop in fluoro sewn the wrong way around at 1 AM in the morning.

  4. bibomedia Says:


  5. Larysa Says:

    hi Fast Eddie!
    Could i ask where or how you found this image, its amazing!
    I was an ice skater and I think its very enjoyable, the best image of skaters I’ve seen yet!

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