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The Jess Fan Club

April 20, 2008

So you guys like Jessica Alba huh? Gee, I can tell from the 1,000 hits a day I receive on the lone Jessica Alba picture I have up on my site. Soooo then without further adieu, I present to you some more pics of the lovely Miss Alba to tickle your fancy and titillate your senses. Ooops did I say titillate? In which case…

Sucks for the cameramen who are behind her.

This was the only photo of my vacation that I took. I hope you guys enjoy.

Look out Victoria, you’ve just lost your secret!

Grrrr baby grrr!!

Drunk History, vol. 2.5

April 20, 2008

More drunk history. Yay!

Three cheers for the history of alcohol! Hip-hip-hooray!!

Oh shit, here’s another one.

April 18, 2008

Here we go again.

Another vid to rot yer brain.