Cloverfield Review

I am sure you have heard of the film Cloverfield by now, and if not, you soon will.

Cloverfield Poster
Take that France! I only eat “Freedom Fries.”

What Cloverfield is per say, I do not know. There is no real explanation as to why they chose that title to begin with. But whatever. The title seems to be the only real flaw that exists within a film that certainly exceeded my expectations by far. I mean, I have to admit, I saw this film at an advanced screening on Tuesday thinking that it’s either going to be really, really good or really, really crappy. Fortunately for me, it was certainly the former. Read on…

Pennsylvanian roads.

Now I am not a fan of J. J. Abrams. And I am not a fan of Lost. But after seeing this movie, I might have to change my opinion on both statements. A lot of people within the film community were saying that what Abrams’ did with this movie is revolutionary in terms of cinematography. Though I don’t think it’s truly “revolutionary” in that sense, for The Blair Witch Project technically did it before, I do give him mad props for his execution in the same vein as Blair Witch. In other words, Cloverfield did what The Blair Witch Project did…only much, much better.Cloverfield
You’re going to need some shadow for that eye.

The way the film is presented to the audience is like this: you’ve stumbled upon this footage shot by some New Yorkers who threw their friend a going-away party the night before. It’s still property of the government, but for whatever reason you’ve been called in to take a look at the video and see what you make of it. So you begin to watch the movie strictly as it was videotaped through a cheapy palmcorder.Cloverfield
Earthquake? No silly, it’s a monster.

The footage you then spend the next two hours or so watching is so intense…so captivating…that you completely forget it’s a movie and feel like you are actually there watching the destruction transpire through the eyes of the unfortunate people caught in the middle.Cloverfield
Hooray for Hummers and big dicks!

But what is this event you speak of? And what does it have to do with the movie posters that show a busted up NYC and a decapitated Lady Liberty?

Take that woman; back to the kitchen!

It’s a huge fuck-off monster wreaking havoc on Manhattan that’s what!! AND, a plethora of spider-like spawns running amok all over covering the areas this Godzilla beast can’t get to. Like dark subway tunnels and apartment crevacises and whatnot. Either way, if you’re stuck in the city when this whatever-the-hell “it” is attacks…well you’re fucked sir.

And I thought Eddie Murphy’s “Nutty Professor” running through the streets was scarier!

The creature is animated in such a way that you can’t really see it in detail, nor does it look perfect by any means when you do, which leaves you quite bothered, and thus presents the creature as just as disturbing as one would imagine it to be. What a novel approach to introduce a movie monster wouldn’t you agree?


Now as far as those little arachnid beings that I mentioned earlier, I’m not going to go into too much detail with, other than the sound they make is so disturbing it will give you the heebie-jeebies for sure.

Which leads me to the sound effects in general…

I cannot stress to you just how important true surround sound pays off in the theater on this one. Do not see it on video. Do not see it bootlegged. For once, that obscene price you pay for admission will certainly give you your money’s worth by the sound editing alone. There is a scene where the military opens fire on the street right in front of the videocam that you have a hard time hearing the other characters that are shouting at “you” from across the street.

STFU! I can’t hear.

This is truly an interactive movie, and “revolutionary” in that regard, for sure. If it wasn’t made into a film, I can easily see it being produced as a video game instead perhaps.

But overall, there is no way to describe the experience of Cloverfield except as truly thrilling and nerve-wracking by all means. I wish I could go into more detail, but I really can’t without ruining the entire movie experience for you.

The “Manhattan Project” gone wrong.

So don’t worry fellow reader, I will not spoil the ending like most reviewers who have seen this action/horror/thriller/knock-your-socks-off adventure film have done for others, but I would put it on your list of movies to definitely check out on the silver screen.

But here’s a tip for you–> Do not take Daughter Sally or Grandma Shirley or anyone else who may get dizzy easily to this film. The sound and visual effects, unless you have an HDTV (and if you do, Great Job!), can only be appreciated in the theater, and as a result, will give you a wobbly, unsteady sense of being, because there is a fair share of camera shaking which may throw your inner ear off-kilter if you’re not expecting it. In fact, one guy outside the theater was losing his lunch afterwards as a result. I felt fine though. But I also kept looking away from the screen to re-establish my surroundings (and to convince myself that it was in fact, only a film!)

The actors and actresses in this movies are sex-ay! Not your average New Yorkers.

Overall, Cloverfield is an excellent thriller, composed to give your psyche a jump start and disconnect your soul. Although the ending could be slightly enriched, this movie turned out to achieve what “I Am Legend” did not. That movie should be changed to “I Am Crap” while Cloverfield should be changed to “Cockblowingmymindfuckfield” instead.

I think these recent big-screen pictures reflect America on a downfall. “I Am Legend” was a fine example of this trend and the public responded in a positive way grossing $240,283,451 in the U.S. as of January 15th. The United States has always been fascinated with the idea of a tragic ending of America, but I think now than ever before it strikes a harmonious chord with U.S. citizens as well as the rest of the world.

Yes Sméagol, the monsters in “I Am Legend running around look like you, my precious-s-s-s.

With the American dollar falling victim to the Euro, an unsupported war draining the economy, and a President and Congress with zero to nil support, it is no surprise that things like the death of Captain America got so much media attention or that “I Am Legend” would do so well at the box office.


I believe “Cloverfield” will strike a chord with its audience and it too will do tremendously well at the box office. I think that America suffering disasters in the movies replicates its own situation in Katrina, 9/11, the economy, and the political sphere which is why I am going to predict that we will see more big blockbuster hits of this genre in the upcoming two years.

If you’ve made it this far then your attention span is longer than the average internet youth.


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6 Responses to “Cloverfield Review”

  1. David Says:

    I didn’t get a chance to catch the 12am showing of “Cloverfield” last night, but am anticipating to see it tonight. I’ve been looking up perhaps anything and everything on the film since I’ve heard of it .. I definitely cannot wait.

    Found an interesting article/clip montage on Maxim on “Cloverfield” and other movies that use the symbolic Statue of Liberty as a symbol of destruction of America.. and if you think about it, it really is pretty interesting.

  2. King Steve Says:

    I was on the fence on if I wanted to see this after I heard some people saying it was kind of lame.

    Now I am excited about it again.

  3. DirkStar Says:

    Nice blog, Eddie.

    I was wondering if this movie would be worth seeing…

    Thanks for the timely review.

  4. Jimmy Says:

    That’s a really keen observation David. I totally agree. Way to be on the look-out.

  5. tristan k Says:

    i havent seen all these pics befor thanks

  6. Transistor Says:

    .’` I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives great information .”,

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