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January 9, 2008

Can I get an “O“?

Can I get another “O“?

Can I get an “H“?

Can I get an “I“?

What’s that spell?

Uhhh…errr ummm…*shrugs*

Ohio State misspell
Thanks to my man eddiebear for reporting on this little woops.

Hooray for the BSA!

January 9, 2008

Boy Scouts logo

Yesterday, 15-year old Mohammed Jaisham Ibrahim, wearing his blue scout uniform with a blue kerchief, was standing in the crowd to greet Maumoon Gayoom, the president of Maldives when all of a sudden his “Be Prepared” Boy Scout motto forced him to take necessary action against an attempt on the president’s life.

That’s right. Someone tried to kill this guy smiley:

Maumoon Gayoom
Who’d want to hurt this nice old man?

As the teen stood in the crowd he noticed something odd. There, near to the president was another man, 20-year old Mohamed Murshid, who carefully concealed a knife in the Maldivian flag as he awaited Gayoom’s arrival.

Jackal Knife
Okay, probably not this EXACT knife used, but you get the idea.

As Gayoom passed by, the assassin leapt from the crowd and lunged at the president’s stomach. Luckily, the quick-thinking Boy Scout reached out to grab the blade, cutting his hand in the process, but stopping what might have been a lethal blow to the president…and the Republic of Maldives.

Maumoon Gayoom
Mr. Gayoom, behind you! PSYCHE!! It’s only your wife. Or mistress. Or someone.

After the attack, Gayoom addressed his people, thanking the Scout and calling for calm among the nation. “We should not resort to violence even if we have differences between the parties,” Gayoom was quoted as saying.

What a nice little tale of bravery and heroism . . .

Gayoom and Saddam Hussein
Dictator High class reunion, circa 1980s.

Awww–now why’d you go have to ruin a wonderful, heart-warming story, huh?
Cause of this and this.