Dicktator of the Year 2007

And this year’s TIME magazine “Person of the Year” award goes to….

Vladimir Putin on TIME.

Vladimir Putin! Hooray for dictators!!

All bow before me.

Runner ups include Nobel laureate Al Gore, children’s book author & billionaire J.K. Rowling, and Chinese dictator Hu Jintao (tis the year for dictators apparently).

But fuck saving the environment and promoting literacy. Sheer political muscle will edge out the competition time and TIME again.

So I’ll take the time to assemble a little photo gallery of this year’s supreme human being–Vladimir Putin…

Psst…I’m Vladimir Putin you blockhead.
“Pssst…I know what you did at Beslan last summer! Killed innocent children at the school, blamed it on Chechen rebels, and got this nifty award out of it all. What more could I ask for?”

King Putin
“Today I’m ‘Person of the Year’, tomorrow KING OF THE FREE WORLD!”

I will crush you.
“I will crush anyone who gets in the way of the iron fist of Putin. And with polonium-210 if I might add.”

Putin converses with his colleague.
“And you wish you were ‘Person of the Year’ you has-been. Well fuck yewww.”

Hey you…yeah YOU!
“Hey you, shut your pie-hole numbnuts. I am the ‘Person of the Year’ you know. I killed my way to get here and I will kill again. Don’t make me pull a Litvinenko on your tookus.”

Putin says you’re small.
“Aaaaaand, you’ve got a small pee-pee.”

Putin a smile on your face.
“I love men.”


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3 Responses to “Dicktator of the Year 2007”

  1. King Steve Says:

    Hahahaha…That is some funny shit.

    I would not fuck with this dude.

  2. Fast Eddie Says:

    Uh-oh too late, someone already has…Start of War.

  3. photopunch Says:

    it might be late to comment on that but i would say all this Putin thing is a joke and must be treated as a joke: take a look :

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