He ran, we ran, Iran!

According to the Bush Administration about a year and some ago, this man, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,


(They always say two heads are better than one!)

Was enriching their uranium to enhance their nuclear stock load and not for energy purposes.


(“That’ll help the good old tan, how about it Jim?”)

Recently the US intelligence has released that Iran has not been stock loading or planning to build up their nuclear arms!

Once again America looks like a big dummy.


(Silly guy)

And we are worried about the gays?


(^That isn’t everyday attire!)

Congress is already butt plugging Americans and the rest of the World.


(That should be the National Congress Flag…some conservatives might not approve.)


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2 Responses to “He ran, we ran, Iran!”

  1. Fabricio Says:

    eu amo o homosexualismo, quero encontrar algm que combine comigo…

  2. KK Says:


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