“We Want Tickets…We Want Tickets…”

That’s what 100 Rockies fans gathered outside Coors Field in Denver were chanting after the ball club suspended transactions preventing anyone from buying World Series tickets online Monday.

Unlucky Rockies fan
Not even the rally cap can speed up this fan’s Dell.

“Right now we’re shutting the system down,” club spokesman Jay Alves announced outside the stadium, drawing boos from fans. “We expect to be online at some point.”

Just when that might happen was not made official.

In the first 90 minutes after sales started, there were approximately 8.5 million attempts to connect with computers, Alves mentioned, with less than 500 tickets actually sold before the system had to be shut down.

Rockies V.P. Jay Alves
“Errr umm…it was uhh…terrorism! Yeah that’s it!”

“It was a very, very large response at this point, that’s all I can tell you,” Alves said about six hours after the site was taken offline.

The system shutdown prevented excited fans who were lined up outside the ticket office from scoring after security guards insisted no tickets would be sold at the ballpark. Originally, tix were to be sold at Coors Field and Rockies’ Dugout Stores in the Denver area, as well as online. But the team announced last Wednesday that all sales would be online, stating that it would be more fair.

But that’s not the only thing they’ll be disappointed in come World Series time…Sox fans are cutthroat.

Red Sox fan


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4 Responses to ““We Want Tickets…We Want Tickets…””

  1. FireDannyAinge Says:

    Hey Sox fans want tickets too.lol but we have NO shot.lol

    Should be a great series.

  2. eddiebear Says:

    This is a wicked pissah, eh!
    Wicked! Lemme go get anotha beah!

  3. FireDannyAinge Says:

    The word wicked is rarely used in Boston. You haters outside of here need to get the facts straight.

  4. eddiebear Says:

    ^I dunno. When I worked at Natick Labs, I had a bunch of Southies cleaning my office. The word “wicked pissah” was used quite frequently.

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