The Daylight Savings Time Warp

You know it’s coming and there’s no way to avoid it.

This weekend it’s time to…

daylight savings time

I am so excited (sense the sarcasm). You know why? Well, I’ll tell you why…

There was a recent study I read about the fact that Daylight Savings Time is actually costing consumers more money. That’s right, it’s certainly not saving your pocketbook baby. In fact, it costs the average consumer an extra $3.19 in utility bills per year to be exact.

Did he just say $3.19?

Yes, I did numbnuts. I know it’s not that much, but GD-it, it’s principal we’re dealing with here! Is it not the purpose of Daylight Savings Time to save daylight and thus save energy in the meantime? You’d think so, but apparently it’s not.

According to the study (which was conducted in Indiana) it calculated that the shift costs that state alone an extra $8.6 MILLION in electricity bills. Looks like that little $3.19 isn’t so innocent sounding after all is it? And this is just in Indiana for cryin’ out loud. Think about it on a grand scale and that’s a lot o’ energy being expended. Maybe Chavez is on to something here.

Hugo Chavez
“…and if we attack Columbia by 0700 hours, we’ll even save a few minutes more!”

But, this isn’t the first time the logic of Daylight Saving Time has been criticized. The National Bureau of Standards found that there was no significant energy savings way back in 1976; three years after DST went into effect for the first time.

And, this country’s grand idea of expanding DST to a few extra weeks was also revealed to have saved no energy whatsoever. So just what exactly are we saving then??

Read more here.

vertigoYeah, this is kinda like what the whole DST thing does to our sense of reasoning.

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10 Responses to “The Daylight Savings Time Warp”

  1. Rabia Says:

    And, we in Arizona never have to remember to spring forward or jump back. Some wise person in this state decided that Daylight Savings Time is just plain silly, so we don’t deal with it. (The only problem we have is family from out of state who always have trouble remembering what time it is here.)

    So. My question is: If Arizonans don’t need DST, why does the rest of the country??

  2. Fast Eddie Says:

    You know Rabia, it’s good that you brought this up. It’s definitely true–your state & Hawaii are the only states in the U.S. that DO NOT observe DST.

    Contrary to popular belief Congress passed the Uniform Time Act of 1966, establishing a beginning & end date for daylight savings time, but left it up to local jurisdictions to decide whether or not to use it.

    So to this day there are only two smart states who have decided to opt-out of this curious practice. Kudos on being a smart resident of one :)

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  5. Brian White Says:

    I researched this back in the 90′s, and Idaho let their COUNTIES decide whether to participate. So, during DST season, the legal time would shift 1 hour when you crossed a county line!!

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